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The General Secretariat for Youth and the Committee of the Historical Archive of Greek Youth wish to make the publications of the IAEN available to researchers and all interested parties by exploiting digital technology. It has been decided, therefore, to digitize them in order to publish them on a DVD and to make them available on the Internet with a Creative Commons license (Attribution-NonCommercial). At present, all of the current 47 publications are available (in 56 volumes, c. 24.000 pages).

The digital texts have been created using an optical character recognition (OCR) programme, and have been corrected to make the word-search more reliable. However, users of the DVD and visitors to the website should bear in mind that a small number of errors remains (tolerable in our view); accordingly, if extracts of digital text are copied for academic purposes, they should be collated with the printed text, the pages of which are also supplied as image files.

The digitized ΙΑΕΝ publications
in every digital format (PDF, GIF, HTML)
are distributed free of charge under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution - NonCommercial Licence Greece 3.0


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