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a. Children’s and youth publications. Record.

1. Martha Karpozilou, Greek Youth Press (1830-1914). Published: IAEN no. 12 (Athens 1987), 205 pp. (All publications are in Greek unless otherwise stated).
2. Costas G. Tsiknakis, Greek Youth Press (1915-1936). Published: IAEN no. 5 (Athens 1986), 804 pp.
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5. Kyriakos Delopoulos, Greek Bibliography of Children’s Literature (19th-20th Centuries). Published: Children’s and Youth Books of the Nineteenth Century. An annotated illustrated bibliography. A first approach. A contribution to the study of modern Greek children’s literature. Athens, E. ELIA (1995), 528 pp.

b. Catalogue of Greek fairytales

6. Anna Angelopoulou, Aegli Brouskou, Processing of tale Types and Variations AT 700-749, in George A. Megas, Index of Greek Tales, 2. Published: IAEN no. 23 (Athens 1994), 271 pp. French edition: IAEN no. 26 (Athens 1995), 285 pp.
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c. Education

9. Eleni Fournaraki, Girls’ Education and Upbringing. Greek Responses (1830-1910). An Anthology. Published: IAEN no. 11 (Athens 1987), 630 pp.
10. Christina Koulouri, History and Geography in Greek Schools (1834-1914). Cognitive Subject and Ideological Implications. A Textual Anthology and Bibliography of Schoolbooks. Published: IAEN no. 18 (Athens 1988), 789 pp.
11. Eleutheria Kopsida-Messini, Secondary Education Textbooks (1913-1936). A Bibliography.
12. David Antoniou, Secondary Education Programmes (1833-1929). Published: IAEN no. 17, vol. I (Athens 1987), 759 pp.; vol. II (Athens 1988), 960 pp.; vol. III (Athens 1989), 487 pp.
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14. Vaggelis Karamanolakis, An Anthology for the Teaching of History in the Faculty of Letters of the University of Athens (1837-1911). See 3rd Symposium, no. 3. and the IAEN publication No. 42, Athens 2006, 551 pp.
15. Dimitris Tseres, The Archive of the Greek Middle School and High School of Lefkas (1829-1960). Catalogue and Data. Published: IAEN No. 43, Athens 1996, 419 pp. + CD-ROM

d. Youth organisations

16. Dimitris Dimitropoulos, Eudokia Olympitou, Documentary Evidence for the History of EPON. Published: IAEN no. 35 (Athens 2000), 263 pp.
17. Ioanna Papathanasiou – Polina Iordanidou – Anda Kapola – Tassos Sakellaropoulos – Ageliki Christodoulou, The Lambrakis Democratic Youth: seeking the identity of young people in the 1960s decade. Archive-history-memory. Published: IAEN No. 47, Athens 2008, 679 pp + CD.
18. Leonidas Kallivretakis, Documenting the events of November 1973. Chronicle, Map, Prosopography.

e. Greek youth abroad

19. Calliope Polemi, Eleutheria Zei, Greek Youth in the Eastern Europet: Documentary Evidence from the Modern Social History Archives. Cf. Calliope Polemi, ‘Greek youth in Eastern Europe 1948-1968: documentary evidence from the Modern Social History Archives’, Ta Historica 14 vol. 27 (Dec. 1997), pp. 445-450.

f. Sports

20. Giorgos Kokkinos – Eleni Fournaraki, Physical training in education (1833 – 1929). Data collection. See 3rd Symposium Nos. 23, 24.

g. Law

21. Costas Sofianos, Child and Youth in Greek Law (1833-1900). Published: IAEN no. 16, vols. I, II (Athens 1987), xviii + 1055 pp.



a. Primary and Secondary Education

22. Charalambos Noutsos, The Child in Modern Greek Pedagogics. The Traditional Approach. See 1st Symposium, no. 25
23. Panagiotis Papaconstantinou, Apostolis Andreou, The Development of Pedagogical Thought and Teacher Training (1875-1914). Teacher Training Programmes, Teachers, Bibliography of Pedagogical Books and Periodicals. Published: Colleges of Education and the Development of Pedagogical Thought 1875-1914 (Athens: Odysseas, 1992), 309 pp.
24. Epaminondas Papageorgiou, Liberal Pedagogical Approaches in Greece (1944-1964).
25. Eleni Kalafati, Primary School Buildings (1821-1929). From Specifications to Planning.
Published: IAEN no. 8 (Athens 1988), 278 pp. + tables.
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40. Despina Karakatsani, Educational practices and school ethics in primary school during the first post-war period (1950 – 1975).
41. Athena Hadjidimitriou, Depictions of the education of young people in Attic vase-painting in Ancient and Classical times.
42. Constantinos Tabakis, Training of men and women teachers in physics science in the period 1835 – 1935.

b. University

43. Costas Lappas, The Students of the University of Athens in the Nineteenth Century. Geographical and Social Background, Studies, Occupations, Relationships Within and Outside the University, Social Integration. See 1st Symposium, no. 27. Approved as a doctoral dissertation by the History and Archaeology Department of the University of Athens (Athens 1997). Published: IAEN no. 39 (Athens 2004), pp 743 .
44. Angeliki Fenerli, The First Students of the Athens “Polytechnion”. See 1st Symposium, no. 10.
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46. Antonia Mertyri, Artistic Education of Young People in Greece (1836-1945). Published: IAEN no. 36 (Athens 2000), 703 pp.


47. Stratis Bournazos, Military Training and National Ideology. The Case of Macronisos Prison Camp (1947-1954). See 3rd Symposium, no. 8.

48. Nikos Rotzokos – Giorgos Angelopoulos – Pavlos Pantazis – Antonis Sapountzis, Young People and the Army. Aspects of the critical rationale of the young in regard to military service (1981 - 1995).

49. Panayiotis Grigoriou, Young People and the Army. Representations symbolic systems and forms of sociability of the youth in the military in Greece in the period 1918 – 1923.


a. Initiation

50. Stella Georgoudi, “Kouroi” and “Kores”, Similarities and Differences Between Boys’ and Girls’ Initiation Rites and Practices in Ancient Greece. See 1st Symposium, no. 12.
51. Sophia Petta, New forms of religiosity in modern Greece (1974 – 2003): the procedures of individualization and the religious quests of the young.
52. Anna Angelopoulou, Fairytale and Mythic Discourse. The Miraculous Birth of the Hero: A Study of his Path of Initiation. Cf. Doctoral Dissertation: La naissance merveilleuse et le destin du héros dans le conte grec, EHESS (Paris 1988).

b. Family

53. Vasso Rokou, The Child in the Extended Family of the Farming World of Animal Husbandry.

c. Welfare and repressive mechanisms

54. Christos Loukos, Exposed Infants: First Victims of a Society’s Pathology in the Nineteenth Century). Cf. ‘The exposed infants of Ermoupolis’, Essays offered by his Students to the University professor Vas. Sfyroera (Athens 1992), pp. 247-264.
55. Pelagia Marketou, The Athens Municipal Foundling Hospital: Welfare and Infant Neglect in Athens (from the 19th to the early 20th Century).
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57. Vasso Theodorou, Welfare and Suppressive Mechanisms. The Organisation and Operation of the ‘Amalieio’ and ‘Zanneio’ Orphanages in the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century. Cf. ‘Philanthropy and the city. Orphans and homeless children in Piraeus circa 1875’, Mnimon 14 (1992), pp. 71-90; ‘Orphanage disciplinary systems and labour in the second half of the nineteenth century’, Mnimon 21 (1999), pp. 55-84.
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60. Maria Korasidou, Natural Survival and the Protection of Children’s Health in Nineteenth-Century Greece. See 2nd Symposium, no. 6. Published: When Illness Threatens. Maintenance and control of the health of the population in 19th century Greece (1910-1939), (Athens 2002), 238 pp.
61. Tassoula Vervenioti, The Queen’s ‘Children’s Villages’. Philanthropy and Nationalism (1947-1950).

d. Apprenticeship and Labour

62. Giorgos Papageorgiou, Apprenticeship in the Various Trades (Sixteenth to Twentieth Centuries). Published: IAEN no. 3 (Athens 1986), 192 pp.
63. Christos Constantinopoulos, Apprenticeship in the Builders’ ‘Companies’ (Guilds) of the Peloponnese. Published: IAEN no. 4 (Athens 1987), 136 pp.
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66. Zizi Saliba, A maidservant in the Greek town (1834 – 1940).

e. Youth Organisations

67. Rena Stavridi-Patrikiou, The ‘Student Company’ (1910 – 1929). See 1st Symposium, No. 40
68. Antonis Liakos, Thessaloniki’s youth organizations (1900 – 1936). See 1st Symposium, No. 35 and cf. The appearance of the youth organizations. The example of Thessaloniki, Athens, Lotos, 1988, 81pp.
69. Gunnar Hering, The E.O.N. Cf. ‘Aspecte der Kulturpolitik des Metaxas-Regimes (1936 – 1940), Reinhard Lauer – Peter Schreiner (ed.), Die Kultur Griechenlands in Mettelalter und Neuzeit, Göttingen 1996, pp 285-321.
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f. Demographic aspects of youth - assumption of social roles - symbolic codes - attitudes

74. Matoula Tomara-Sideri, Nikos Sideris, Constitution and Succession of Generations in Nineteenth-Century Greece: the Demographic Evolution of Youth. Published: IAEN no. 4, (Athens 1986), 231 pp.
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Child in the Depictions of the Period of Ottoman rule. See 3rd Symposium, no. 14.
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Cf. 'Female suicides at the turn of the century', Humans at the Edge. Death as a Choice, National Research Institute. Communication of Science. Special Cultural Events, Athens, 2002, pp. 49-69.
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a. Youth in art and literature

86. Ilias Antonopoulos, The Depiction of Childhood and Youth in Traditional and Ritual Art. See 1st Symposium, no. 16.
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Perceptions of the Period and their Literary Repercussions on the Work of the “Generation of 1930”. See 1st Symposium, no 31.
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98. Costas Katsapis, Sympathy for the Devil; Composition, rationales and practices of the Anti-rock movement in Greece (1964 – 1974).

b. Children’s and teenage literature and pulp fiction

99. Charis Kambouridis, Greek Serialised Adventure Comics for Children (1949-1967) and their Role in Forming Contemporary Child Ideology. See 1st Symposium, no. 32.
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