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The Committee of the Historical Archive of Greek Youth has organised three International Symposia (the first two jointly with the Association for the Study of Modern Hellenism). Approximately 120 papers were read by Greek and foreign researchers. Approximately 50 papers resulted from IAEN research.

1st INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM, Historicity of Childhood and Youth (Athens, 1-5 October 1984)

The Acts of the Symposium were published separately in Greek and French by: IAEN, no. 1, vols. I, II (Athens 1986), 275 pp., and no. 6 (Athens 1986), 709 pp.

Symposium programme 9-22

Opening session 23-33

Multiplicity of approaches, I, 35-153

1. José Gentil Da Silva, The Historicity of Childhood and Youth in Recent Historical Work 37-78
2. Matoula Tomara-Sideri, Nikos Sideris, Constitution and Succession of Generations in Greece in the first half of the Nineteenth Century: the Demographic Evolution of Youth 79-89
3. Aristotelis Stavropoulos, Facts and Issues Surrounding Nineteenth-Century Youth Nosology through. Two Contemporary Scientific Approaches 91-114
4. Ugo Fabietti, The ‘Construction’ of Youth: An Anthropological Perspective 115-123
5. Catherine Marinaki-Vasiliadi, Greek Prisons for Young Offenders. The Evolution of an Institution (1924-1982) 125-129
6. Gérard Mauger, The Category of Youth: the Attempted Construction of Sociological Objects 131-146
Interventions: Charis Babounis 147-153

Multiplicity of approaches, II, 155-215

7. Michelle Dean, Youth in the Industrial and Post-Industrial City 157-168
8. Eleni Kalafati, Nineteenth-Century Primary School Buildings 169-175
9. Constantina Bada-Tsomokou, Child and Youth Dress Codes and their Socio-historical Equivalent in Epirus 177-191
10. Alexis Politis, Ages, Time and Hour in the Code of Oral Culture 193-199
11. Paulette Couturier, Child and Wolf: from Reality to Myth 201-215

History in the long term: practices, mentalities, representations 217-299

12. Stella Georgoudi, Young Men, Young Women and the Animal World: Elements of Ancient Greek Discourse Concerning Youth 219-225
13. Jacques Le Goff, The Child-King in the Monarchic Ideology of the Medieval West 227-248
14. Reyna Pastor, The Image and Role of ‘Juventus’ in Medieval Spain 249-260
15. Evelyne Patlagean, Coming of Age in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Century Byzantium 261-269
16. Ilias Antonopoulos, An Introduction to the Typology of Childhood and Youth in Byzantine Iconography 271-286
17. Efthymia Vaikousi, Books on Moral Conduct and the Formation of Youth Behaviour in Greece (mid-Eighteenth to mid-Nineteenth Century) 287-299
18. José Gentil Da Silva, Bibliographical Contribution 301-370

Labour and apprenticeship 383-445

19. Marcel Couturier, The Accession of Youth to Active Life in Customary France, 1368-1789 385-393
20. Giorgos Papageorgiou, Guild Apprenticeship During the Ottoman Rule 395-405
21. Victoria Nikita, Apprenticeship and Authority Among the Master-Builders of Western Macedonia: Three Generations of the ‘Companies’ 407-415
22. Michalis Riginos, Forms of Child Labour in Greek Industry and the Craft Industries, 1909-1936 417-423
23. Eleni Elegmitou, Alexandra Bakalaki, Home Economy Textbooks: Old and New Versions of Women’s Duties 425-440
24. Eugenia Bournova, The Youth of Rapsani: A Study in Twentieth-Century Social and Economic History and Historical Demography 441-445

Education and the diffusion of ideologies 447-514

25. Charalambos Noutsos, Similes concerning the Child in Modern Greek Pedagogics 449-456
26. Vassiliki Bobou-Stamati, The Unpublished Statutes of the Society (Nazione) of Greek Students at the University of Padova (17th-18th Century) 457-472
27. Costas Lappas, The Students of the University of Athens in the Nineteenth Century: a Research Plan 473-478
28. Sideroula Ziogou-Karastergiou, ‘Prudent Maidens and Perfect Mothers’: the Objectives of Girls’ Schools and Educational Policies in the Nineteenth Century 479-496
29. Alexis Dimaras, From School to Pupils Communities: Evolution or Misunderstanding of an Institution? 497-501
Interventions: Charis Babounis, Christos D. Lazos, Eleni Fournaraki 503-514

Diffusion of Ideologies: Politics and Literature 515-579

30. Vicky Patsiou, The Magazine “Diaplasis ton Paedon” (‘Child Education’) and Youth Orientations: Desire and Necessity (1879-1922) 517-522
31. Vassiliki Koliva, The Image of Youth in Novels of the Internal Years (1920’s and 1930’s): Paradigms from the. The Novels of Theotokas, Politis, Terzakis, Karagatsis and Petsalis 523-527
32 Charis Kambouridis, Pulp Fiction Children’s Publications in Greece (1945-1967): Greek Serialised Adventure Comics for Children (1949-1967) and their Relationship with Contemporary Ideology 529-543
33. Martha Karpozilou, Anna Matthaiou, L. Karyatoglou, K. Tsiknakis, Angeliki Panopoulou, Odette Varon, Youth Press 1830-1944 545-573
Intervention: Dimitris Kyrtatas 575-579

Generations and Innovations 581-682

34. Antonio Santoni Rugiu, Youth Movements in Pre- and Post-Fascist Europe 583-592
35. Antonis Liakos, The Emergence of Youth Organisations. The Case of Thessaloniki 593-619
36. Carmen Betti, The Incorporation of Children and Youths in Fascist Italy 621-629
37. Athanasia Balta, The E.O.N. Journal ‘Neolaia’ (‘Youth’): Aims and Readership 631-639
38. Giorgos Margaritis, From the Transcription to the Re-creation of History: Teaching the Past in the Time of E.P.O.N. 641-647
39. Antonia Kiousopoulou, The Age of the Political Staff in the Revolution of 1821 and the Period of Kapodistria (1821-1832) 649-655
40. Rena Stavridi-Patrikiou, The ‘Fititiki Syntrofia’ (‘Student Fellowship’) of 1910 and the Question of Studying Avant-garde Movements 657-665
41. George G. Alisandratos, The ‘Academic Society’ of the Faculty of Letters of the University of Athens (1925-1936) 667-680
Intervention: Yannis Metaxas 681-682

Concluding session 683-707

42. Jacques Le Goff, José Gentil Da Silva, Spyros Asdrachas
List of objectives 709-717

2nd INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM, University: Ideology and Education. Historical Dimension and Perspectives (Athens, 21-26 September 1987)

The International Congress coincided with the 150th Anniversary of the University of Athens. The Acts of the Congress were published by: IAEN no. 19, vols. I, II (Athens 1989), 657 pp.
Symposium programme 8-30

Opening session 31-54

1. K. Th. Dimaras, Ideological Constructs at the Birth of the Greek University 43-54
The origin of the Universities in Western Europe 55-80
2. Alberto Tenenti, The Growth of European Universities in the Thirteenth to Sixteenth Centuries [in French] 57-65
3. Rica Benveniste, Medieval Universities: Social Facets and Political Role 67-80

The First Decades of the Greek University 81-97

4. Aloe Sideri, The Lights of the West 83-98
5. Sterios Fasoulakis, The German Origins of the Greek University and Greek Doubts about the German University 99-104
6. Spyros Troianos, The University of Athens in 1879-80 Through the Eyes of a German Visitor 105-111
7. Triantafyllos Sklavenitis, The Library of the University of Athens in the Nineteenth Century 113-119
8. Christos Loukos, The Living Standard of a University Professor in the Mid-Nineteenth Century: Alexios Pallis 121-136
9. Costas Lappas, The Teaching Staff of the University of Athens in the Nineteenth Century 137-147

University realities: Faculties - equilibriums - finances 149-243

10. Angeliki Fenerli, Studies and Students at the ‘Polytechnion’ (1860-1870) 151-166
11. Eleni Kalafati, The National Metsovian Polytechnion at the Turn of the Century: its Institutional Establishment and the Professional Options Available to Graduates 167-183
12. Gerasimos I. Pentogalos, Pupil and Student Ideology at the School of Medicine of the Ottonian University 185-199
13. Aristotelis K. Stavropoulos, Geography of Ideas and the Development of Medical Teaching in Greece 201-213
14. Rena Stavridi - Patrikiou, Internal University Equilibrium and its Reversal (1910-1926) 215-222
15. Vasso Theodorou, The Donations of Expatriate Greeks to the University in the Nineteenth Century: Evolution of the Practice 223-234
16. Aliki Vaxevanoglou, Businessmen and the University 235-243

Students and Student Movements 245-333

17. Christos Lazos, Armed Student Units (1862-1897). The Case of the ‘University Column’ 247-255
18. Nadja Danova, Bulgarian Students at the University of Athens [in French] 257-269
19. Sidiroula Ziogou-Karastergiou, Female Students at the University of Athens (1890-1925): First Efforts, Social Composition and Demands 271-276
20. Giorgos Margaritis, University and Heroic Death (1897-1922): Ideology, Symbolisms and Rituals 277- 288
21. George D. Metallinos, The Theology Students’ Struggle in 1962 and the Student Movement 289-298
22. Spiros Loukatos, The Student Community in the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century. Ideological Orientations and Corresponding Activities, Acts and Events 299-326
23. Anthonis Liakos, Thoughts on the History of the Student Movement 327-333

Balkan patriotism 347-420

24. Varban Todorov, Main Stages in the Development of Sofia University [in English] 349-359
25. Jorgo Bulo, The Affirmation of National Identity and the University in Albania [in French] 361-367
26. Aleco Minga, The University and its Role in the Social Progress and Spiritual Emancipation of Albanian Society [in French] 369-375
27. Ivan Djuric, Historical Truth, Balkan Patriotism and Ethnogeneses in Education 377-385
28. Victoria G. Solomonidi, The Ionian University of Smyrna: its Contribution to Peaceful Co-existence 387-396
29. Spiros Marketos, The Foundation of the University of Thessalonica as a Criticism of the University of Athens 397-420

Pedagogical and social perspectives 421-506

30. Apostolis Andreou, Teachers’ Further Training at the University of Athens (1922-1964) 423-444
31. Panagiotis Papaconstantinou, The University of Athens and the Educational Training of Secondary School Teachers (1880-1970) 445-460
32. Vasias Tsokopoulos, Choice of Studies and the Forces of Production: a Periodisation (1837- 1930) 461-469
33. Ioanna Lambiri-Dimaki, The Contribution of Law Studies to the Formation of the Elite: the Results of a Research Project 471-481
34. Maria Iliou, The Teaching Staff of Greek Institutions of Higher Education: Identity and Evolution 483- 496
35. Intervention: Charis Babounis, Higher Education in Secondary School History Textbooks 497-506

Mortgaging the future by the past 507-538

36. Panagiotis Noutsos, The Faculty of Letters as a ‘Pandidacterion’. Epistemological and Ideological Factors in the Proposals for the Reform of University Institutions in Greece 509-515
37. Costas V. Kribas, Scientific Research in the Semi-periphery: the Mechanism of Obstruction by the Metropolis 517-531
38. Vassilis Kremmydas, Free Education or the ‘Instruction’ of the Middle Classes 533-538

Literature, Politics and Ideology 539-601

39. Pantelis Argyris, University Disputes: the Case of D. Venardakis and K. Kontos 541-556
40. Venetia Apostolidou, Costis Palamas and the University 557-563
41. Erasmia-Louisa Stavropoulou, Students and the University in Modern Greek Prose 565-586
42. Anna Frangoudaki, The Language of the University 587-591
43. Panagiotis Moullas, Poetry and Ideology: the Poetical Contests of the University of Athens (1851-1877) 593-601

Teaching and History (Round Table) 603-649

44. Speakers: Spyros Asdrachas, Maurice Aymard, Elli Giotopoulou-Sicilianou, José Gentil Da Silva, Ivan Djuric, Alberto Tenenti
45. Maurice Godelier, The Establishment of Social Anthropology as a Scientific Discipline and Teaching Object [in French] 641-649

3rd INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM, Time in History Towards a History of Childhood and Youth (Athens, 17-19 April 1997)

The Acts of the Congress were published by: IAEN no. 33 (Athens 1998), 399 pp. +16 illustrations
Symposium programme 7-15

List of participants 16-24

Opening Addresses 27-33

Educational Mechanisms 35-72

1. Yannis Kokkonas, The ‘Precious Time’ of the Pupils of the Central School 37-53
2. Constantina Zorbala, Greek Students in Nineteenth-Century Germany 55-62
3. Vaggelis Karamanolakis, The Introduction of Historical Teaching by Seminars into the Curriculum of the University of Athens 63-72

Labour and Politics 73-137

4. Maria Papathanasiou, The Economic Activities of Children in the Poorer Levels of Austrian Society (1880-1940). Thoughts on a Microhistory of Childhood and its Relationship with Historical Times 75- 87
5. Panagiota Saliba, The Poor Man’s Luxury: The Cleanliness of the Young Female Worker in Nineteenth-Century Paternalistic Discourse 89-97
6. Maria Korasidou, On the Protection of Children’s Health in the Nineteenth Century 99-104
7. Tassoula Vervenioti, The Rearrangement of Youth Time and Space in Greece Between the Wars (1920’s and 1930’s), from the Girls’ Point of View 105-116
8. Stratis Bournazos, The Macronissos Prison Camp, 1947-1954. Nationalist and Anti-Communist Indoctrination 117-137

In the times of Anthropology and mentalities 139-211

9. Alexandra Bakalaki, Anthropological Approaches to Age 141-156
10. Maria Mitsou, Storytelling. The Path to Primordial Time 157-172
11. Despina Damianou, The Fairytale and the Choices of the Demotic Language Exponents in Education 165-172
12. Anastasia Papadia-Lala, Administration and the Child in Areas of Greece Under Venetian Occupation 173-180
13. Michael Varlas, Parallel Times. The Cycle of Life Within the Community (17th and 18th-Century Chios) 181-190
14. Anna Matthaiou, The Continuity of Symbols Surrounding Childhood. History - Folklore 191-200
15. Effi Kanner, Philanthropical Discourse, Orphans and the Crystallisation of Social Identities in the Greek Orthodox Community of Constantinople (1861-1912) 201-211

The world of Art 213-270

16. Ilias Antonopoulos, The ‘pedariogeron’ (Child and Old Man): the Depiction of Premature Wisdom 215-231
17. Marietta Servou, Being Young and Restless circa 1845 233-241
18. Rania Polykandrioti, Historical Time in the Primary School Readers and in the Children’s Short Stories of A. P. Kourtidis 243-252
19. Angela Kastrinaki, Young Artists in Greek Prose. The Culture of Selfishness and Some ‘Deficiencies’ 253-263
20. Elisa-Anne Delveroudi, Young People Having Fun: Free Time and Recreation in Greek Cinema Comedies 265-270

Free Time and Sport  271-345

21. Christina Koulouri, The Hour of the Body: Sports, Exercise and Recreation in the Greek State (1870- 1922) 273-286
22. Minas Dimitriou, School Sports in the Ottonian Period (1833-1862). Anatomy of an Incomplete Attempt to Transplant the German Gymnastics System in Greece 287-292
23. Eleni Fournaraki, Physical Education of Both Sexes in Nineteenth-Century Greece 293-315
24. Giorgos Kokkinos, Health, Vigour Benevolence: The Orthodox Church and Physical Education. Resistance and Gradual Adaptation 349-369

Round Table 347-393

25. The History of Childhood and Youth: Historiographical Approaches and their Temporality 349-369
Co-ordinator: Spiros Asdrachas
Speakers: Philip Iliou, Didier Lett, Eleonora Skouteri-Didaskalou, Bernard Vernier
26. Bernard Vernier, The Importance of Names and of Presumed Resemblance in Children’s Affective and Social Destiny [in French] 370-383
27. Didier Lett, Childhood Times, Narrative Times, God’s Times in Miracle Tales from the Twelfth to the Fourteenth Century [in French] 384-393